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As a subcategory or field of digital signal processing, digital picture processing has many advantages over analogue picture processing. In computer science, digital picture processing is the purpose of a digital computer to process digital pictures through an algorithm. In picture processing, the input is a low-quality picture, and the output is an picture with improved quality. With the fast computers and signal CPUs available in the 2000s, digital picture processing has become the most common form of picture processing, and is generally used because it is not only the most versatile method, but also the cheapest. Many of the techniques of digital picture processing, or digital picture processing as it often was named, were developed in the 1960s, at Bell Laboratories, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of technology, University of Maryland, and a few other research facility, with application to satellite imagery, wire-photograph standards conversion, medical imaging, videophone, character recognition, and photograph enhancement.

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